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Project Sponsors

A Legendary effort for our Legendary Teachers

The community comes together to support our Educators.

In an effort to take his platform of the Legendary Teacher to the next level, it was as simple as a Mayoral Proclamation from Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild and proclamations by a number of participating school districts across Arizona.

The response and participation was overwhelming. From there, Dr. Clement laid the groundwork for the second Legendary Teacher Day in 2015. To grow the event and increase participation, he reached out to colleagues near and far. As such, year two saw the event grow exponentially with participation across six states and a variety of municipalities.

For year three, Dr. Clement renewed his commitment to this meaningful day of tribute to teachers. Knowing that it would take an increased level of effort, he has lined up some awesome supporters of education to help spread the word. 

Presenting Sponsor - With the greatest need being to spread the word, Dr. Clement is delighted to have secured the services of School Webmasters as a presenting sponsor. This website is made possible by them, in addition to digital communications consulting. Thank you and welcome aboard.

Supporting Sponsor - In a smaller yet much appreciated role is the creative team at Max Femur Media. Max and his team of creative minions have provided creative and communications support for Dr. Clement for his publishing effort and have been active in growing Legendary Teacher Day from the onset. 

Future growth – If you have interest or simply an idea on how to grow this effort, please contact Max Femur at