The Legendary Teacher

Legendary teachers are everywhere. In fact, it is likely that all of our teachers serve our students with legendary virtues each and every day.

The Concept of a Legendary Teacher

The premise of a legendary teacher is specific yet simple. Dr. Clement developed and promoted the concept of a legendary teacher over the years based on these three tenets:

  • Building relationships
  • Engaging deeply with students
  • Creating high expectations

Dr. Clement speaks to the legendary teacher as such…..

“Legendary Teachers have frog eyes. Frogs have great vision. They can see colors. They can see bugs at night. Some frogs have three lids, closing one for camouflage while still being able to see everything around them”.

“Legendary Teachers expect you to exceed your own expectations.”

“Legendary Teachers most likely had Legendary Teachers.”

In sum, Dr. Clement reminds us that legendary teachers:

  • Engage students in creative learning activities
  • Connect learning to the past, present, and future
  • Adapt their methods and assessments to meet diverse learning styles
  • Create and maintain dynamic learning environments
  • Continue to improve their content knowledge base and teaching skills

*All of these quotes and references are from “Legendary Teacher Stories – How To Catch a Swamp Frog”
Author – Nicholas I. Clement